[2010] How to input Disability Benefit (Sick Pay)
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Post subject:  [2010] How to input Disability Benefit (Sick Pay)

(For Payback Version 2.16 or less)

Payback has the facility to record Disability Benefit. Tax must be applied after 36 days of Disability Benefit.

To record Disability Benefit (sick pay):
- Click the 'Payroll' button on the menu at the left of the screen. The Payroll processsing screen will appear.
- Select the Period to process by clicking on the calendar grid
- Select the Employee
- On the elements grid, click the last blank row, under the 'Description' column. A drop down box will appear, with a down arrow.
- Click the down arrow to display the list of elements.
- Select 'Disability Benefit'
- A button with 'View...' will appear in the 'Calculate' column of the grid. Click on this button to display the disability benefit form.
- Fill the disability form in, and click the 'Ok' button.

Note that Payback automatically works out the non-taxable adjustments etc, on the payslip, and records the disability benefit for tax purposes.
This feature is unique to Payback.

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