[2007] Invalid File Format message for 2008 P2C File
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Author:  eamon [ ]
Post subject:  [2007] Invalid File Format message for 2008 P2C File

If you try loading a tax credits file for 2008 into Version 4.x (2007) of Payback, you will get a 'Invalid File Format' message.

To upload these values, then you can do one of the following;

1. Change the year of the file to 2007 and upload it (It is a text file)
2. Manually adjust the figures in Payback, without using the file.
3. Wait until we release the 2008 version of Payback (Version 5), and upload the file.

These tax credits are for 2008, (the 'cert start date' is 2008), so we would recommend waiting for the release of Version 5, which will have all the Budget changes.

(Note that Revenue is also slightly changing the format of this file.)

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