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Author:  eamon [ ]
Post subject:  [Ticket #002358] Feedback1

1.Auto backup/ scheduled backup facility.

2.a possibility to automatically process wages for an employee for a set number of periods with one click e.g.- weeks 10-20 with the same wage figures. I wouldn't want to pay the same wage for the full year.

3.Setting financial year + Tax calendar year reporting - where the two are different as in the company's financial year runs from July- June and the tax year is the same as calendar year.

4.If we use the rewind full year option, the wages figures just reversed, but saved not deleted completely. There should be another button/ choice to delete the figures as well if the user so wishes.

5.A possibility to rewind a set number of periods - i.e. period 20-30 only.

6.Finally, may be the manual can be updated to remove the irrelevant parts, again at some time in the future.

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