How do I move onto the next year? / How do I do my year-end?
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Post subject:  How do I move onto the next year? / How do I do my year-end?

There is no 'year end' process as such in Payback. You simply move onto the next year on the Payroll screen - Your previous years data will still be there.

At year end, you should do the following;

1. First, make sure you're running the latest version of Payback. Click here to see the latest version And if you need to upgrade, the instructions are here

2. Finish any payroll processing for the old year, print off your payslips as usual

3. Move forward to the next year by clicking the 'Year' dropdown on the 'Payroll' screen (note, in Payback you can easily flick backwards and forwards between years)

4. If you need to import any employee tax credits from Revenue before starting the new year's payroll, then do so using Utility / Import Tax

5. When you need to produce your P60's, Income Levy certs, or P35 for the year you've just finished then go into the Reports screen and select the required year and report type

If you are running an old version, upgrade immediately! You don't have to finish the old year using the old version. You can upgrade and still finish processing the old year.

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