Why can I only process two pay periods?
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Author:  eamon [ ]
Post subject:  Why can I only process two pay periods?

If you can only process two pay periods, it means that Payback is running as a demo. The reason this is happening is either;

1. You haven't purchased a licence code to unlock Payback.
2. You have bought a licence code but have not entered it in.
3. You have changed to a new machine, and have not entered in the licence code, or have incorrectly entered the code.

Click on 'Admin' on the menu at the left of the screen. Select the 'Options' icon. Click the 'Registration' tab. The company Name and Registration code text boxes will probably be blank. You should enter your registration details and click the 'Update' button at the top of the screen.

We would have emailed your registration code with full instructions when you purchased your licence. If you no longer have this email or have lost it, you can retrieve you code here:

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