How to import data from another payroll system
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Post subject:  How to import data from another payroll system

Payback does not currently have a utility to directly import data from other Payroll applications.
If you need to import existing Payroll data mid-year, here is how:

Manually set up the company and employees.
In the employee screen, click the 'Year to Date' button at the top of the screen. The Year to Date utility will appear.
In the Year to Date utility, Select the 'I am moving payroll system to Payback, mid-year. I used to use another product, or calculate payroll manually. I want to copy the Year to Date figures for the employee from my old system.' and click 'Next'
Enter in the appropriate Year to Date figures.

You can also use a P2C file to set up the company and employees. If you import a ROS P2C file, this will automatically set up the company and employees if they do not already exist in Payback.

Once you have entered the Year to Date figures, you can continue processing payments in Payback from the pay date you stopped using your previous system. It is important that you select the correct pa ydate do not miss any weeks. Otherwise the tax credits and cut off point will be incorrect.

It is always best to process payments from the beginning of the year in Payback. The advantages to doing this are:
- You will have a complete record of payslips and processed payments
- Starting mid-year can sometimes cause problems with insurable weeks, especially with monthly paid employees.

If you have a low number of employees, or it is near the beginning of the year, we would recommend that the payments are re-processed in Payback.

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