Deducting an overpayment
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Post subject:  Deducting an overpayment

If you have inadvertently overpaid an employee, you can correct it in the next pay period by following these instructions:

If you overpaid by €200 gross, then in the Deductions tab of the Payroll screen you should set up a new deduction:

Description                        EE Amount   Tax  PRSI   USC
Deduction of Overpayment                 200     N     N     N

In the EE Amount column, put in the overpayment amount. Make sure that the 'Tax', 'PRSI' and 'USC' columns are unticked.
(Check the cumulative gross pay at the bottom of the payslip to verify that what you have done is correct)

NOTE: You should get the employee's permission before making any deductions other than statutory deductions (PAYE, PRSI and USC) from their pay.

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